Being A Diva

  Being a Diva is not just about the physical.  While it is important to present the image you choose to the world, presentation goes beyond the physical.  It is vital to have emotional content in everything that you participate in. Emotional content is not the same as drama.  Heart, courage, intensity, kindness, joy and compassion are all key elements to a successful approach.

     Proper focus and emotional content bring power to your presentations, your approach and your life!

     So how do you accomplish that?  Approach situations with a spirit of cooperation and collaboration.  All great performers benefit from an amazing supporting cast.  It makes sense to help your supporting cast have an amazing performance so that you can shine all the brighter!  Helping others results in a much more fulfilling experience and life.

     Always remember that your supporting cast are stars in their own right (and in their life).


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