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This is not your father’s tool box!

Don't be afraid to show your feminine side

If you are a diva, your toolbox should be unique!  It doesn’t have to look like the one your father used for his tools.  It can fit your personality.  You don’t need to settle for ordinary.  After all, you are a diva!


The 12 Tools Every Woman Should Own

Every woman should have her own tool kit. Just a few basic items to make her life easier and more independent. Working with tools can be very empowering and satisfying, and it is always nice to see something get accomplished.

First, find a container for the tools. This is going to be your toolbox, and it will help to keep you organized and you always want to know where your tools are when you need them.

Next, at least two screwdrivers. One should be a phillips head and one should be a standard head (think slotted). You might want to have more than one size of each of these, but at least one each is a necessity.

Tongue and groove pliers are also a necessity, and can be handy for all kinds of jobs. I would suggest a medium size pair if you are only going to get one. Besides being useful for various nuts, etc., they can also help you to get those pesky jars open. (Think force amplifier.) Just remember that the grooves can have a tendency to mark the surface of whatever you are using them on. The tongue and groove are excellent at increasing grip.

An adjustable wrench is always a good idea. It can be used on nuts where you do not want to mar the surface. They should only be used when you can get a good grip on the nut, though, so they do not slip. You don’t want to smash your knuckles when taking something apart.

I would always want to keep a utility knife in my tool box. It can be used for cutting open packing tape, cutting apart cardboard boxes, scoring drywall and all kinds of other things. Just remember to be careful, because you don’t want to cut you.

Diagonal cut pliers are another useful item. Again, I would stick with a medium size. They can be used for cutting packing straps, as well as all kinds of other items.

Needle nose pliers are also very handy, and can be used for reaching into small spaces to grip items when you need to retrieve them.

While I do not recommend that anyone who is not familiar with electricity do any kind of electrical work, I would suggest a polarity tester. This can be inserted into a receptacle or outlet safely, without providing for a shocking experience. It is always a good idea to be able to check that the electricity is off.

A hammer is always handy. At sometime everyone will want to hang a picture. Speaking of pictures, every tool box should include a tape measure and level.

And, last but not least, no diva’s tool box would be complete without a pair of gloves. No need to let your hands get all dirty or rough just to fix something. It is possible to work like the boys without looking like the boys. And it’s a lot more fun.